Yogg saron by childofdune-d7m8ba6

Imprisoned by the Sareshi Ancient Ones, Yogg Dhaloth is also known as The Lucid Dream, The Shrieking Nightmare, the Fiend of a Thousand Faces, and Beast of the Gnashing Field. Lizardfolk often refer to Yogg Dhaloth as the God of Death. One of the 5 Elder Old Gods, Yogg Dhaloth is the second oldest next to C'Thul. After the Dawn War, Yogg Dhaloth evaded capture by the gods, burrowing deep into the Underdark beneath the Misty Continent, only being captured and imprisoned by the Lizardfolk's Ancient Ones at the rise of the Sareshi Empire. It is believed Yogg Dhaloth was imprisoned under one of the great Temple Cities, but since the Empire's fall, the exact location has been lost.

Since then, Yogg Dhaloth's influence has somehow managed to spread across Xhaan, infecting many mortals to his will, twisting them toward a maddening, insatiable hunger. Ghouls, undead, and cannibals are often associated with Yogg Dhaloth, and mortal cultists in his service often practice sacrificial and cannibalistic rites in his name. As is true for all Old Ones, Yogg Dhaloth's true form is unknown, but those touched by his whispers describe amorphous hunks of flesh with many fanged mouths that scream in their nightmares.