Chaotic Evil

The first divine egg to be touched by the withering hand of Eris, the entity known only by his many sobriquets suffered the most severe corruption of all of the corrupted gods. This being of torment, fire, and pandemic is known by many names: the Tattered One, the Burning Cloak, the Myriad Eyes, and the Laughter in Darkness, to name a few. His power comes from the agony of souls who suffer in the world, and of the crumbling of civilization and hope. Whether the Tattered One even has a true name is unknown. Scholars and theologians who have attempted to study this divine entity have numerous times either inexplicably been murdered or slipped into madness. It is said in tales that the Ratkin revere this deity as their patron, but such stories are for madmen, which make up the bulk of the Tattered One’s followers. They believe:

· Civilization is decay and destruction, burn it to the ground and delight upon the ruins.

· Pestilence and disease are the Tattered One’s gifts to the world, share them freely and often. Glorify the plague-bearers.

· Kill in the Tattered One’s name; offer each death as a sacrifice that the Tattered One may walk the world.

The holy symbol of the Tattered One is a crucible containing innumerable tormented souls. When opened, the wailing of these souls can induce hallucination, madness, or death upon those who hear it.

The Tattered One's domain is a place known only as the Realm of Ruin, a domain separate from the other astral dominions, existing in a demi-plane, and winding beneath perceivable creation. Some believe this realm touches reality somewhere deep in the twisting labyrinth of Pandemonium.