Goal (Stated): Eliminate political and military figures of nations opposing the Belthasian Empire.

Goal (Secret): Sow discord amongst the nations of Damasia to further the aims of the Cult of Shadow.

Size: Small but with widespread influence. Only those chosen by the Emperor himself may join the Hand and few survive the training and indoctrination.

Alignment: Evil

Philosophy: “The foolish believe the world will be built by those who stand in the glory of the light, but those who truly understand that which binds the world together knows that the future can only be forged from the shadows. The Empire’s future lies in the shadows.”

History: The Hand was originally created by Belthasar’s closest advisor and friend, Lucius Callus, who convinced Belthasar to rise up against his father and brother to attempt to take the throne of the High Empire. After their failed coup and exile into Belthasia, Lucius was named the Hand of the Emperor, his personal vizier and chancellor. Lucius then convinced Belthasar to create an order of spies and assassins to better protect the new empire from outside threats, and thus Lucius’ title became synonymous with the order.

Leadership: Black Legate Marcus Callus, grandson of Lucius Callus, leads the Emperor’s Hand and is the Hand’s representative to the Emperor. Marcus is also the leader of the Cult of Shadow in Belthasia. Marcus oversees the indoctrination and training of every new member of the Hand, ensuring that only those who accept the Cult’s tenets ever survive the process.

Headquarters: The Emperor’s Hand has no official headquarters, but the Cult of Shadows operates across Belthasia in secret safe-houses under direct control of the Black Legate.

Activities: Members of the Emperor’s Hand conduct missions across Damasia including espionage and assassination against enemies of the Empire.

Enemies: The Silver Guard, the elite guard of the Castillan Empire, swears to ferret out Belthasian assassins plotting against the Imperial Council of High Castle.

Factions: A small group within the Hand led by Amara Syndelle, a youthful and brash woman, seeks to usurp the Black Legate and take his place to lead the Hand and the Cult of Shadows into a new dynasty.