The Revenants are a race of undead creatures who have begun to arise in greater numbers. Though the process by which revenants are created are varied and often mysterious, their nature is not. Resembling zombies, and often times in varied states of decay, Revenants are intelligent undead whose souls have either been halted from passing out of their bodies and into the afterlife, or have returned to their bodies after death.

Instead of lifeless eyes, their eyes typically glow with a pale yellow or white light. They resemble who they were in life, some with flesh pristine as alabaster, and others showing extreme rot. Though Revenants can be healed with curative magics just like the living, the signs of what killed them always remain (a man who rises after being beheaded for example will always have a jagged cut running around his neck, etc). Magics that resurrect or reincarnate a Revenant fail immediately to return them to their former lives, though a dead Revenant can be risen again into their undead existence with the same spells.

The most disturbing part of rising as a Revenant is that typically the soul has few or chaotic and tattered memories of its former life. Some are driven to recover those memories and discover who they were, how they died and seek vengeance, while others accept this fate and seek a new life separate from their past lives, viewing their broken memories as little more than the indistinct memories of childhood.

The largest population of Revenants have arisen in the blighted lands of the Vale, though others have begun to awaken across Damasia since then. Many seek a place for themselves in a world ruled by the living, though they are almost always met with fear, distrust, and outright hatred by those who view the Revenants as unnatural monsters.

While humans make up the bulk of the Revenants, no race is safe from potentially rising as a Revenant.

D&D 5e Statistics Edit

Revenants are a subrace that is applied after all other racial abilities granted by the chosen "base" race.

The character gains the creature type Undead in addition to others it has from their base race.

Undead Vitality: Revenants are have Damage Resistance to Necrotic and Vulnerability to Radiant. They are also Immune to Poison.

If the character does not already have Darkvision out to 60ft, they gain it.

Revenants do not require air, food, drink, or sleep, but they do still need to rest to regain the use of their spells or abilities.