Affix your gaze upon the skies

On the day that a Phoenix nearly dies.

The Dragonlines shake with a thunderous peal,

Proving the time that all the Firstborn shall kneel.

The heavens go black and helpless you wait

As the Radiant One’s back turns in pity and hate.

Death’s Eye shudders, the sky cracks and bleeds fire,

And scales rain down spelling an end most dire.

When earth and sky break,

All the Firstborn shall quake,

For All That Is and Was in aspect and power,

Shall belong to the Nine at the world’s final hour

For the Children of Thirsha, only one hope remains,

Should you heed this warning despite its pains.        

Two-fold Sixteen Souls rain from Surface to Deeps

So within the Dragonborn our Essence sleeps.

From the souls of the Chosen we will rise,

Denying the Aspects as the Enemy’s prize.

Let this vision pass on and be kept near to heart,

So that all is not lost when the world breaks apart.