Nestor is the god of learning, knowledge, and the pursuit of both. Many wizards revere him for that reason, though he is not a god of magic. Arcane magic remains beyond the power of the gods, the secret to unlock it remains lost. Nestor is also the god of secret knowledge both favorable and forbidden, which means he alone may know the secret of the celestial spark of magic. If he does, he keeps such a secret to himself.

· Seek to perfect your mind through observation and reason; emotions can contain powerful knowledge, so do not ignore them, but beware emotion’s ability to overwhelm.

· Accumulate, preserve, and use knowledge to its greatest purpose. Pursue education, build libraries, and seek out lost and ancient lore.

· Never use knowledge recklessly. Keep secret knowledge until the most opportune moment, when its application will provide the greatest effect.

Nestor’s holy symbol is a book which records the events of the day and knowledge gained at sun-down. His followers favor blunt weapons such as staves and maces.

Nestor's realm lies on the western district of Aurosia, the Bright City. His Great Library lies at the district's heart, surrounded by libraries, universities, and other places of learning.