Lawful Good

The goddess of war, wisdom, and femininity, Luana is the only god who restricts her paladins; only women may take up the ivy chain and become a Handmaiden of Luana. She is the goddess of valorous and honorable warfare, and so is worshipped by soldiers of all kinds, not only women. She is also known as the Queen of Blades or the Vixen Wrapped in Ivy. Her commandments are as follows:

· Be cautious and wise in your actions, but do not hesitate to strike when battle calls your blade to your hand.

· Honor those who create new life, not only do they deliver courageous soldiers to the front, but true wisdom flows from them. Heed their words.

· Protect and serve the weak, for enemies surround them always.

Luana’s holy symbol is a sword-cross chained to the pommel or haft of the faithful’s weapon. When wielded in honorable combat, the hilt or grips wrap with ivy so the wielder cannot be disarmed. Her followers generally favor heavy blades and spears.

Luana's realm lies on the third peak of Mt. Celestia.


Freya (Dwarvish)