Lithari is the goddess of thieves, stealth, and deception. Unlike Eris, Lithari does not deceive for the purpose of intrigue or destruction, but simply for personal gain. She is also known as the Cloak and Dagger, and the Cut Purse. Her followers range from petty thieves to bandits, footpads, burglars, and criminal masterminds. Most of her followers, unlike the rogues who follow Eamon, typically commit acts of thievery and deception not necessarily for wealth alone, but often for the thrill of the game, or even simply survival, or some other form of gain.

· Follow your goals and seek your own destiny.

· Test yourself so you may increase your skill.

· Keep to the shadows, take what you can, do not be caught.

Lithari’s holy symbol is a set of silver lock-picks that cannot be found by magical means, usually hidden somewhere on the person. Since most of Lithari’s followers are rogues, rogue weapons are considered favored weapons.

Lithari's domain is the planar dominion of Nocturne, a mysterious realm of perpetual night.