Also known as the Prince of Hate, or the Dread Wolf, Keldras is the lord of battle, blood, and slaughter. He is commonly worshipped amongst greenskin kind, as well as assassins and murderers. In many ways he is considered the direct antithesis of Luana. His power comes not from righteous war or virtue, but through strength of arms and right by might. Keldras’ left hand forever drips with blood, the sign of his corruption. He demands his followers remember:

· Be fearless and strong.

· Power is yours to take at the point of a blade.

· Rules are for the weak, and only the strong deserve to live.

The holy symbol of Keldras is a gauntlet which weeps blood. His followers prefer weapons which have little other purpose than war and death, particularly heavy blades and axes.

Keldras' realm is Acheron, a plane of clashing steel and flowing blood.