The Five Elements Mountain represents the heart of Naipan's history and culture. The tallest mountain on the continent, the Five Elements Mountain touches the heavens itself and is home to countless spirits. While all of the lands of Naipan are closely linked with the spirit world, the boundaries between the material and spirit world are especially blurred on the Five Elements Mountain. At its summit lies the Jade Palace, where the Jade Emperor once ruled over the Four Nations as the link between mortal and spirit. In the time of the Jade Emperor, banquets were held often at the Jade Palace for the spirits and mortals to gather in celebration of the peace and longevity of the land. Every five hundred years, the Emperor would host the Peach Banquet, a gathering of the Emperor and his Celestial Ministers, where a few  virtuous and deserving mortals would be honored with a drink of Celestial Wine. One sip of this heavenly brew grants everlasting life, and freedom from want. With the emperor's disappearance, these banquets have not been held since, and the time fast approaches where the Peach Banquet will not be held for the first time in Naipan's long history.

At the base of the Five Elements Mountain lies the Imperial City of Xianzhou. Belonging to none of the Four Nations, Xianzhou was once considered the Gateway to the Spirit World; a great city where mortal and spirit lived together in harmony. While not the largest city in Naipan, Xianzhou is believed to be the first. It is the place where the Jade Emperor first appeared to mortal kind and gifted them with powers over the elements. In many ways, Xianzhou is the birthplace of the Four Nations. Without the presence of the Jade Emperor, the city has fallen from its glorious past. Spirit and Mortal continue to live together, but the balance has been disrupted. The Jade Emperor's Celestial Ministers now rule the city directly and the mortals have become second class citizens in the city, being completely evicted from the city's center where the spirits now live in opulance and decadence. Because of this, crime is rife in the mortal districts and the city that was once the shining beacon of the union of mortal and spirit has begun to show visible signs of decay.