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This wiki is about the Dungeons and Dragons campaign world, Erasis.
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Welcome to the Erasis campaign setting, a world teetering on the brink of discovery or destruction. Gods , devils, and demons vie for greater influence in this changing world, while heroes hold back the tides of conflict, and villains scheme to rain tyranny and devastation upon the mortal world. Welcome to a land where the paths toward the future must pass through the mysteries of the past; a land of awe-inspiring wonders and formidable horrors.

Great adventure, treasures, and discovery wait for those bold enough to dare the horizon. Artificers and wizards delve into the long forgotten past, braving the search for knowledge, risking their own corruption at the hands of the great powers that knowledge brings. Criminals and malcontents lurk in the streets and alleys of cities great and small, seeking riches or simple retribution against their rulers. The faithful rally around their temples and icons, drawing power to their patrons through their acts of devotion, seeking ever to strengthen their own without inadvertently empowering their rivals. And some snatch up the power of immortal beings, either in hopes of avoiding their wrath or toppling their dark regimes. Soldiers and warriors from all corners of the world swear allegiance to their homelands , their belief in the superiority of their way of life the sword’s edge between war and peace.

The world is not a place of extremes as we might be led to believe. It is a place of beauty and malice, joy and pain, order and anarchy, light and dark. Each is in constant struggle against the other, both within the hearts of mortals and without. It is your world to shape, to guide, to defend, to rule, or destroy.

Enter the world of Erasis, and discover its secrets and mysteries.

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