Augurie is a tall, slender woman somewhere in her mid-twenties, skin bronzed and hair gilded from years spent out on the open sea and on the coast. Her eyes are a deep blue, almost black, often sparkling with amusement. Delicate blue lines in wave-like and spiraling patterns wind over her tanned skin in a nearly fully-body tattoo. She dresses in fine clothing: a loose ruffled blouse with lace cuffs and a cream vest that go to her mid-thigh, and short, well-worn boots, and a blue tailored coat with gold embroidery. Her boot and belt buckles are finely engraved, her fingers are decorated with various rings, and from her ears dangle golden hoops and shark teeth earrings. An elaborately wrought scimitar is sheathed on her right and she keeps a pistol tucked into her blue silk sash on the left. A tricorne tops off her ensemble, with sundry feathers and plumes pinned to it. She carries a gentleman's cane and is usually accompanied by Jimmy, a blue and gold macaw. Augurie can often be found high in the rigging, keeping an eye on the weather, reading, or playing her accordian.

Family and ChildhoodEdit

Augurie Jacqueline Bellamy was the daughter of wealthy sea merchant Remy Nicolas Bellamy and his wife Jacqueline Charlotte Bellamy, of Port Eam. She grew up well educated and well traveled, spending much of her time visiting exotic and foreign places on her father's boats. Her parents also encouraged her natural talent for music, indulging her inclination for learning the complex accordion.

Downfall of Bellamy and PiracyEdit

At 16, however, her life took a drastic turn. Remy Bellamy, caught in the intrigues of the minor merchant houses of Port Eam, was falsely accused of crimes against one of the major merchant houses, and subsequently executed.

His wife and daughter, now impoverished, struggled to survive in a port town where their name was dishonored. Jacqueline soon died from malnourishment and illness, leaving Augurie to fend for herself. Disillusioned with the laws and honor of so-called civilize men, she decided to amass her own fortune by whatever means she could. If thos means wounded the purses of the merchant houses responsible for her family's downfall, all the better.

Augurie spent the next several years on a number of less scrupulous crews plaguing the Gold Sea, contributing both her shipboard skills she grew up with and her knack for negotiation and deceit. She is easily recognized by her swirling blue tattoos and blue frock coat, earning her the nickname Blue Bellamy. Amongst some circles she is called Golden-Throated Augurie and 'Gurie the Gussied, for her musical voice and luxurious taste in fashion, respectively. She has a reputation for possessing a friendly attitude and genteel deportment, as well as a smart businesswoman. She is also known for being sensitive about the subject of her family's dishonor, having, in fact, cut down and/or shot a few folk who were so unfortunate as to make judgments about her father's character.