Asmodeus is the Master of the Nine Hells and its legions of devils. Though not yet a true god, the actions of Asmodeus in recent time has placed him in a greater position to claim such power than he has ever been in before. Since the King of Hell’s betrayal of Ashrael, he has come into physical possession of the Celestial Spark of Tyranny, though has yet to muster the power required to take the divine spark into himself and gain the rank and power of a true god. He can be charismatic and generous, but those who sign away their souls to Asmodeus are damned for eternity. The pact each worshipper forges with the Master of the Nine Hells spells out the following.

· Asmodeus is your true master. Obey his commands absolutely.

· You can earn the favor of Asmodeus by tempting new worshippers into serving him.

· Indulge in the pleasures of life, but do not falter in word or commitment.

The holy symbol of Asmodeus is a ruby rod or club which holds within it a fragment of Asmodeus’ commanding presence, so long as the faithful maintains Asmodeus’ favor they may call upon it to serve them.