Ashrael is the god of light and vengeance. He was once the god of vengeance and tyranny until he was betrayed by his greatest follower in a plot with Asmodeus and Eris. Through the actions of one of his paladins, his essence was remade in the fires of the celestial spark of light, remaking him into a being of righteousness. Ashrael is one of the few gods of the pantheon who has openly proclaimed a chosen people, the Dawn Elves, who follow him almost exclusively. His followers among other races are few but growing. He commands his followers thusly:

· Purify yourself in the crucible of vengeance, so you may illuminate the path for others to follow.

· Deliver retribution upon the unrighteous. True justice demands vengeance.

· Oppose the forces of the Void and the Hells wherever you find them.

Ashrael’s holy symbol is a polished pearl which burns with golden light, and his followers favor heavy blades and polearms. When a faithful bearing one of these holy symbols dies, their bodies are immolated to ash, leaving behind a red-hot egg. From this egg hatches a phoenix that is forever bound to the faithful soul in heaven. If a raise dead spell is ever cast upon one of these birds, the soul can be brought back from the dead regardless of how much time has passed since their passing.

Ashrael's new realm lies in Aurosia, the Bright City, many of his followers both mortal and passed populate the Dawning Isles surrounding the planar dominion. Still largely untrusted by Eamon and Nestor, Ashrael has few domains within the Bright City proper, but his followers are nothing if not persistent, and his influence is growing.

Notable FollowersEdit

Martine Shieldheart